Suburb Spotlight: Think Disney, Think Davenport

Suburb Spotlight: Think Disney, Think Davenport

Suburb Spotlight: Think Disney, Think Davenport

Ok, so maybe Davenport looks nothing like Disney! But as far as ease to the parks is concerned , and the perfect combination of quaint and fun goes, you have perhaps struck gold in Davenport Florida.

Now let’s talk about explosive growth!

I have been in Davenport for the last 9 years and it has changed so much during that time. I remember few stop lights and minimal inventory, with few places to eat and not much to do.  I still loved the quiet and feel privileged to be a part of it’s journey.

Fast forward to 2020 and find new restaurants, new shopping centers, schools, medical centers and hospitals, road expansions, and housing values going up year after year…just to name a few major changes. 

Just as easily as you could find any of these amazing perks, you could also find a park, a walking trail,  someone selling watermelons at a watermelon stand or a a lake!  Davenport continues to surprise me in the areas of growth and diversity.

Catering primarily to retirees and tourists alike over the past few years, Davenport is quickly turning into a primary resident’s dream destination. Affordable housing is a problem we face throughout Central  Florida, and Davenport offers the amenities, location, and pricing that most home buyers are looking for.

While Davenport started with humble beginnings in the early 1800s, Davenport could now truly be considered the epicenter of the suburban Central Florida area, connecting easily and just in between Kissimmee and Haines City both. This means convenience to water parks at H20 Live and the 192 Margaritaville Plaza. This also means close proximity to Reunion Golf Resort, Omni Resort, and Posner Park.