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Suburb Spotlight: Haines City

Suburb Spotlight: Haines City

Suburb Spotlight: Haines City

Welcome Home to Haines City! The first thing that comes to mind for many is CITRUS CITRUS CITRUS, and well, you are not wrong!

Haines City definitely finds its roots in the Citrus Industry, and when I first visited this area 9 years ago, I could smell the Oranges as I drove through.

While the citrus industry is still present, Haines City has certainly established it as a town with affordable house and tons of opportunity!

Whether you prefer a rural area, or being close to shops, interstates, and restaurants, you can find both in Haines City. Properties with land, no HOA, and no neighbors nearby are a common occurrence. If community living is more your cup of tea, you can find vacation villas, gated communities and homes near all that you are looking for.

Haines City lies just on the border of Davenport, and is located in Polk County Florida. Once upon a time, there was a theme park called Circus World in Haines City opened by the Barnum and Bailey Brothers themselves!

Haines City’s current population (as of 2018) was just at around 25,000. Lots of growth continue to occur with chain restaurants coming into the area, as well as several distribution centers.

Haines City is easy to get around and finds itself being home to lots of long time locals, as well as continuing to be a part of the ever growing vacation industry that brings so many to our area. The City still contributes much to the farming industry and the Haines City High School offers different agricultural programs, which attest to the strong farming roots of the area.

A great place to call home, Haines City should definitely be on your list to consider.