Suburb Spotlight: Clermont the Choice of Champions

Suburb Spotlight: Clermont the Choice of Champions

Suburb Spotlight: Clermont the Choice of Champions


Clermont will catch you by surprise and steal your heart! Located on the “spine” of Florida this is one few areas will you will find rolling hills! Yes, I said it, HILLS in Florida and it is known as the gem of the hills!

Home to tons of lakes, greenery and pristine scenery, Clermont is the largest city in Lake County.

It is conveniently just a few moments drive to Winter Garden Village and is ever expanding. 

I had the opportunity to visit Southern Hill Farms just a few weeks ago to experience the absolute treat of their sunflower fields. Drive down a dirt road to have your breath taken away! A great venue for weddings and events, they are setup to meet any needs you may have. Rustic, fun and absolutely beautiful. They boast an ever changing array of seasonal crops and events, including the sunflowers you see here!


Clermont also features one of the very first historical landmarks in Florida, named the Citrus Tower! Lake Louisa is a place we love to frequent, very near the four corners, with a “beach” on the lake, tons of trails to walk, bike, or golf cart on, as well as kayaking!A great place to spend the day away where you will feel away without actually being too far away. The city is home to Lake Minneola as well as well as a fun little place called Lake Ridge Winery. They host events and live music and allow a tour of their facilities as well.

One of the great things about Clermont is that, while super connected to Central Florida, it is not done so by a major highway. Instead, it is connected via Highway 50. I think this contributes to overall lesser traffic than the remainder of the Four Corners area which for some of us is a relief!

Clermont is a beautiful place to call home. Housing is affordable, while offering lots of luxury real estate as well, and offers so much if you are into the outdoors, and Florida sunshine. We are fortunate to have this 19 square mile suburb in the midst of Central Florida!