Polk County Eats Tour with Lu: Maninno’s Pizza

Polk County Eats Tour with Lu: Maninno’s Pizza

“Two slices of slices pizza, a coke and a bottled water, please.” 

“That’ll be $5.79.” 

If you want to experience New York in Polk County, you go nowhere else but to Mannino’s Pizza. Located in a nondescript building off of Highway 27, this pizza joint is none other than a local staple. Same location, same menu, same quality food and local experience.

Originally from Queens, New York, Vito Mannino opened this pizza shop 26 years ago with his late brother when they were surrounded by orange groves and servicing just a few local communities. 

o this day, they still serve their slices with homemade sauce, dough and on a double stacked paper plate. Vito’s hands have served me every slice of pizza I have eaten there over the last ten years myself. He is always there, always working, and always slammed. The restaurant offers a wide variety of food  and canned sodas with bottled waters. He makes great spaghetti and meatballs and every night there is a different special. The garlic knots are the absolute best and of course you can’t go wrong with a slice of cheese pizza. 

A huge pizza oven takes up the majority of the space, and the restaurant offers a few booths for those on a quick lunch break. This place is never not busy. I love the authentic feel, and familiar smells wafting out the doors as you pull into the parking lot. Having been to NYC many times myself, this pizza is unrivaled.  Year after year, and week after week, snowbirds, and locals alike will find themselves coming back for more! 

It is truly an honor to grab a slice at Mannino’s and I hope next time you drive through Polk county, you take a few moments to enjoy that piece of pizza history.

You can visit them at 43362 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837