Polk County Eats Tour with Lu: Cherry Pockets Steak and Seafood Shak

Polk County Eats Tour with Lu: Cherry Pockets Steak and Seafood Shak

A self proclaimed "unique experience" you can't go wrong with this 4 star restaurant! Cherry Pockets was named after the two brothers who founded it and it overlooks Lake Pierce. Always a lively setting, you won't be disappointed if you are looking for lots of laughs and fun. Driving to this scenic spot may in fact take you through some dirt roads right in the heart of Polk County.
Known more for their friendly staff and good conversation, while still being known for the Steak and Seafood, I always enjoy my time at Cherry Pockets. There is really no place like it. You can crack open a cold Truly, and watch the boats come in and out while munching on fried green tomatoes and gator bites.


Gator sightings, live music, and a pool table are just a few of the extras you might find while enjoying your dinner. The area is now sprawling and continually growing. This restaurant has been around since the 1940s and originally started as Fish Camp. This has long since evolved into the lakeside oasis that it is with boat slips, and still serves as a bait shop too.

You can find a small souvenir shop and the restaurant itself is still surrounded by cabins and mobile homes used for the residents and fishermen. The restaurant is ever evolving from the place that was known for a sandwich and cold beer, to a fully functioning restaurant with a built out patio, killer views, and lots of fun for the whole family. A must do for a real Central Florida experience!

You can visit Cherry Pockets Steak & Seafood Shak at 3100 Canal Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898