Essential Moving Hacks

Essential Moving Hacks

Did you know that May is national moving month? If you plan on moving soon, I have put together some helpful moving hacks to make the job easier.

1. While clothes are still hanging, rubber band about 15 hangers together. Then grab a garbage bag & put a hole in the opposite end of where it ties, wrap it around a section of clothes and then tie it shut around the hangers at the top. Don't forget to tie the bottom too so the clothes are protected.

2. Pack heavy books in luggage with wheels for easy transport.

3. Store spices inside of pots, cover with lids, add to boxes.

4. Use a pool noodle around the edges of your mirrors and picture frames to protect them from breaking.

5. Label the sides of the boxes instead of the top.

6. Color code different rooms to make it easy for movers. Add colored labels to each room so they can match it up with each box.

7. Kitchen: Use coffee filters in-between plates. Store knives in pot holders. Use clothes and scarves to wrap breakable items.
8. Put together an "open first" box or laundry basket of essentials you'll need right away like paper towels, toothbrushes, pajamas, toilet paper and shampoo.